When we discuss about recruiting industry, there are endless terms which are used for people who help in getting the right candidate for open positions.

Now, commonly we hear two terms: Headhunters and Recruiters. They are two different people but still people confuse and take them as same soul. It is very important to understand the difference between them before you plan to work with them.


He is an individual hired by any corporation or company to locate a suitable candidate within a certain required skill set.  Such prospects whom one has to search are normally limited and needs lot of hard work to find them.

He can be an independent consultant or may be someone working with a recruiting company. They can work for multiple people at same time. To give you a better idea, let us see an example:

Just like an IT headhunter has good knowledge about people indulged in IT services and when he is asked to locate a certain skilled person, his wit and contacts can immediately get him a set of people who he can consult. Hence it is not necessary that he might be working as a recruiter but his contacts help. There are good head hunting companies Kenya whom you can rely on for high responsibility job positions.


They are individuals hired by a corporation or company to hire professionals for open positions within the company. Basically their job is to recruit right candidates. They are not involved in any other activities like headhunters who have their personal work besides earning by locating correct prospects.

 Hence, it is you who have to decide whether what way you want to go for your need of Headhunting & Executive Selection. Both ways are good. For your help, we have found a reputed and reliable staffing solutions company http://www.flexi-personnel.com/. They can help you in both kind of effective and efficient recruitments.