Understand the difference between headhunters and recruiters




When we discuss about recruiting industry, there are endless terms which are used for people who help in getting the right candidate for open positions.

Now, commonly we hear two terms: Headhunters and Recruiters. They are two different people but still people confuse and take them as same soul. It is very important to understand the difference between them before you plan to work with them.


He is an individual hired by any corporation or company to locate a suitable candidate within a certain required skill set.  Such prospects whom one has to search are normally limited and needs lot of hard work to find them.

He can be an independent consultant or may be someone working with a recruiting company. They can work for multiple people at same time. To give you a better idea, let us see an example:

Just like an IT headhunter has good knowledge about people indulged in IT services and when he is asked to locate a certain skilled person, his wit and contacts can immediately get him a set of people who he can consult. Hence it is not necessary that he might be working as a recruiter but his contacts help. There are good head hunting companies Kenya whom you can rely on for high responsibility job positions.


They are individuals hired by a corporation or company to hire professionals for open positions within the company. Basically their job is to recruit right candidates. They are not involved in any other activities like headhunters who have their personal work besides earning by locating correct prospects.

 Hence, it is you who have to decide whether what way you want to go for your need of Headhunting & Executive Selection. Both ways are good. For your help, we have found a reputed and reliable staffing solutions company http://www.flexi-personnel.com/. They can help you in both kind of effective and efficient recruitments.


Consider a higher Pay role Management for your boost in Kenya




Flexi-Personnel boost your expectations in Payroll Business

Do you search for a maintained platform, Business Company or economic boosting start up that can help you grow your payroll management with better results?

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Services to Offer

IN concerns to the Pay role management, Flexi Personnel offers various services to grow and boost your economic pace and personal status. It offers wide range of Payroll Accountancy standards, it gives you a Proper labour Management and economic result as well as it helps you connect to a proper business network that brings glory for your business record around Kenya in a wide prospect.

Boost for African Adversaries

However, The Flexi Personnel is not only responsible for Kenyan people but it also has a flair for people working as African Adversaries in the company The growing pace of Flexi Personnel apply a variable support to people around that help in boost for economic and virtual trajectories in it’s virtual process and finally it leads to a proper global phenomenon.

All the same, the general apparatus, cultural aspect and most of important it’s wide variety of having proper adjustments for People with Pay role settlement makes Flexi-Personnel a unique company by all means that is ready to help Kenyan people in it’s own credibility. Try the capacity of the company as a Kenyan and boost yourself to a varied status that will give you a permanent scope of your economic endeavours to success.


How to select the best recruiting partner





Are you setting up a new business unit? If you are then you must really understand the strain that is associated with such set up with regards to selecting the right candidate for all the positions that you have in your office. If you want to avoid such botheration and fasten up the process then you must have the service of companies dealing with Headhunting & Executive Selection. The question that may come to your mind is how to have the best service. Continue reading and you will know how to select the best service provider.

Look for the one who offers the right candidate

You may be having the choice of having the service from many head hunting companies Kenya but try to locate the one who can offer you the right candidate for your requirement. It is quite easy to find that. If you contact a certain company and if they pay attention to your requirements then you can be sure that they will be able to find and offer you the right candidate.

It is good to be with those who take the entire responsibility

The service that you must look for is not only to have names of probable candidates but that nature of service that makes available the suitable candidate who can occupy the seats at your office. The company that offers the best service must take the entire responsibility starting from the interview to the welcome home of the candidates. You should not have to take any botheration regarding recruiting the personals.

Chose those who have varied experience

It is always best to be with the reputed. Try to find companies who offer such nature of service for various business natures. They must be experienced in their field of work and then only you can rely on them to provide you with the best nature of workforce.

If you wish to have such nature of Headhunting & Executive Selection service at an affordable rate then you must be at http://www.flexi-personnel.com/.

Know More about Tests on Psychometric Assessments




In order to understand the necessity of psychometric assessments for you, first you need to understand what exactly it is and how it benefits you. These are a set of tests that can ably gauge your mental abilities and behavioural peculiarities. Through these tests, the employers may test your mental readiness for a particular job that they have in mind for you. The success of your being able to perform the work that you are affixed under any circumstances, depends on your aptitude. They reveal such cognitive abilities and personality traits in you that are seldom understood by the interview board.

After your psychometric assessments are done, the results are reviewed by your employers and the candidates for a particular position can be short-listed based on the reviews.

Different Psychometric Tests for Your Mental Assessments

Your mental abilities can be accessed through the undertaking of three types of psychometric tests:

  • Test of Aptitude
  • Test of Ability
  • Test of Personality

The test of aptitude depends on the particular jobs that you have applied for. For most positions, your aptitude is tested on the basis of four attributes:

  • Verbal ability
  • Non – verbal ability
  • Numerical ability
  • Spatial ability

Both your general and specific mental capabilities are tested with these tests, undertaken by many psychometric testing companies Kenya.

The test of ability helps the employer to understand how far you can catch an idea required for a specific job. Here, you are tested for your learning and recollecting powers. You are tested on the basis of some verbal problems as well as your numerical reasoning capacities.

Test of personality, an essential part of psychometric assessments, tests your basic personality. The test paper generally comes with a questionnaire carrying multiple – choice questions on various traits of your character. The psychological readiness of the candidate can also be gauged by tests of Emotional Quotient (EQ). This tests the emotional firmness of a person and how far the person is emotionally competent to handle situations in office.

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How to set up work units easily in a different contry



Top Recruitment Companies

As our scope of business increases globally we require to set up working units in different places than where we are situated. Settings up of such set ups require having Tanzania work permit processing. There are various companies who offer this nature of service so that it can be done easily. They not only easily make the work permit available but also offer various other services which makes the set up easily.

Selection of the right company

If you require such a service then you must be selecting the best company so that you get the best services and other related services that pertain to the set up. You must do a proper survey and research before you hand over the job to them.

Types of services that you can expect

There are various types of services that you can expect. Just after the set up you will be requiring employees for your companies. The companies that you hire for the work permit will have contacts with top recruitment companies Kenya and they will help you out in selecting the best staff that you will be requiring.

Not only that they have contacts with local banks and they will make available the funds that you require for running the business in a proper manner. The bank officials will be coming to your place and making all the documents so that the funds are made available quickly and you can use that for your use.

They help you with the entire set up as well. They will help you to have the needed communication techniques that you require to have contacts with your base office and also help you with the interior set up of your office.

Once you have the service of Tanzania work permit processing from them they will make everything possible so that you can run your business in a proper manner there.

How to have mass recruitment



What is mass requirement?

Are you starting a new business or starting a new project? If you are then you must require the services of Mass Recruitment and Selection. These companies help you to select and employ specified employees in huge number. Let us see how they make that possible.

Knowing the necessities

  • As and when you contact company offering this kind of service they will know from you exactly what you want the employees for. If you are starting a new company then you will be requiring work staff from managers to office boys. If you are going to start working on a project then also you require certain nature of specialized job force. The nature of work force will defer according to your project. The company will clearly understand your necessity prior to starting the work.

Selection of candidates

  • After they know your requisite they will try to find the right candidate. They use various means to perform their task. To help you with Mass Recruitment and Selection they take the help of internet recruitment, network referrals, campaigns through telemarketing and internal base that they have of candidates. They call the candidates they think will be able to fit in the job role. They do a proper screening of the candidates regarding their educational and work experience. They ensure that the candidates are not able to cheat in any respect.

The final round

  • They organize a final round of interview in which officials from your company are also present. The final list of the selected candidates is then made and offer letters given to them.

The companies working in this manner help you on Mass Recruitment and Selection. They make the selection procedure easier and you do not have to bother regarding various aspects.

The Benefits of Psychometric Tests in Recruitment




It is extremely important for any company to hire the right person for the right job. And the personality and mindset of the person affect his or her approach towards the job. Hence, it becomes a necessity to conduct Psychometric Assessments on the person.

There are a few reliable companies offering their expertise in these kinds of assessments and allow the businesses to offer the suitable roles to the people.

Here, in this article, you will find all the benefits of having these kinds of services during the recruitment process in your company.

  1. Identification of the right talents

The tests like this allow you to understand the personality and inner skills of the person. These qualities sometimes become more important than the qualification of the person. The tests offered by the professional psychometric testing companies Kenya make the screening of the people easy and allow you to pick the most talented people for the job.

  1. Matching the right profiles together

Every person has his own set of expertise that depends on the qualification, upbringing, and the people living around that person. The tests bring out the true expertise of the person. This ensures that the person gets the most suitable role in the company. The matching of the right profiles of the jobs with the right profiles of the people becomes highly efficient with these kinds of tests.

  1. Ensuring the growth of the company

By allowing the most suitable people to join the company, Psychometric Assessments take the company to a new level of success within a few years.

All in all, it would not be wrong to say that these services are more like the need rather than the trend in the industry.

If you want this service, then, check out the site http://www.flexi-personnel.com/?se&de=1 and browse the offered services.

How to Interview a Large Number of Candidates for a Project or a Business?



Turn to the best of mass recruitment experts for your project

Are you looking for mass recruitment in your business or for a particular project? Whatever is the type of business that you are running, be it some manufacturing unit, IT company, retail business or BPO, you must turn to professional help by the best recruitment experts for the expected results.

For hiring a large number of people, you have to undergo a long and tedious process, which, if undertaken by you personally, will take away, much of your time leading to loss of revenue for your company. However, the HR service providers are experienced in this matter and can provide you with the best results in mass recruitment and Selection.

Modus Operandi of Mass Recruitment Service Providers

Mass recruitment for a project is by far the most complicated of all recruitment exercises. It is hard to place so many talented and qualified personnel within a short time. For the professionals in this recruitment field the modus operandi is simple:

  • They already have a ready database of manpower in every skill area. Whenever you contact the best recruiter in town, he will meet you and take all necessary specifications and details of the profile of personnel that you wish to recruit.
  • Following widespread advertisement and publicity, the experts will bring together all such skilled, technical manpower as needed by you for interviews.
  • Necessary tests, group discussions and interviews will be followed by shortlisting of candidates.
  • The final set of candidates after screening from the mass recruitment and Selection will be forwarded to your project head or HR management group for the final interviews.

Your Best Help for Mass Recruitment of Man Power is here

While embarking upon outsourcing the process of Mass Recruitment and Selection for your project, get help from the time tested recruiters like http://www.flexi-personnel.com.


Getting the work permit easily for job




In this tight employment market for Tanzania work permit processing, you in some cases have no choice yet to ‘take it where you discover it’. This article gives an outline of the worldwide business sector for ostracize ‘contract work’ in creating nations, disconnected and high-chance situations. Most nations are topping the quantity of outside nationals permitted to work there, and changing principles for Points-based passage. Before investing hours on the web applying for employments, check what sorts of abilities are sought after. There are pro resettlement offices and law offices that can exhort you on the grant or visa that will empower you to live and work in the nation you’re occupied with. A hefty portion of these additionally have helpful (free!) exhortation on their site.

What sorts of employments are accessible?

There is an enormous assortment of occupations, particularly in a decent monetary atmosphere. The late world business sector budgetary emergency has hosed this prospect however it will get once more. Everything from specialized (building, electrical, mechanics) to administration (HR, fund, preparing) and security-related work.

PRO’s: Why would it be a good idea for me to consider working abroad?

  • It manufactures great experience which can help you to land a position when you return home.
  • In many cases, it pays exceptionally well, dependably in US dollars.

Most employments are in spots for work permits in Uganda where nobody needs to go – either exceptionally confined high-chance or third world situations. It is hard to begin another life and profession without a decent bolster system, e.g. family and companions. You require enthusiastic and mental versatility – the forlornness and nostalgia may bring about poor focus, or wretchedness. Long separations and poor foundation implies that go to and from home (for rotational leave) can debilitate and baffling.


Benefits of using human resource consulting firm



business, Human Resources (HR) counselling may appear somewhat unlikely venture; in any case, once the organization develops as far as size and extends its overall revenues, it begins to view this speculation as a promising one. The choice to put resources into a HR expert may change starting with one organization then onto the next; however there are some advantages to this speculation.


An assortment of Human resource consulting Nairobi gives a great deal of outsourcing arrangements: These arrangements, which can even be custom fitted according to a business’ needs, essentially incorporate propelled measures, for example,

  • Profiting an organization’s administrator office by streamlining the HR forms
  • Boosting a business’ execution by sorting out and executing each HR capacity
  • Killing the extent of blunders experienced at whatever point the HR capacities are not completed legitimately

Medical advantages

Numerous entrepreneurs supported this reality: Employee advantages are tedious and hard to oversee. Numerous MNCs, nowadays, select HR counseling authorities to appoint the work to oversee worker benefits. HR specialists effectively streamline wellbeing and advantages administrator for an organization, primarily amid the setup time frame. So to make it basic, such a counseling bunch deals with the dull, confounding occupations of taking care of representative advantages while a business’ HR office can concentrate on an organization’s centre operations.

Setting up an organization’s HR innovation is another work that numerous organizations discover hard to execute. The HR counselling groups have the experience and the mastery to know how to hold representatives; essentially, they know how to keep up a rich human capital for any business. These groups know the intricate details of pulling in new contracts and of keeping the finest ability on board.